Wow First Blog.....

Wow, all this hype about blogging and this is my first ever blog.

I am starting this because it is going to serve as a journal for my search for legitimate ways to make some money online.

I am not looking to get rich quick or even make hundreds or thousands a month. I am simply just seeing what sites and what theories actually work. We could even say I am seeking to "debunk" all the claims from certain sites, to make big money fast online for free.

I will provide the basic information that they clearly state on thier website, and my opinion and experience with the particular website.

This is not to advertise or put down any particular sites. Also I am not doing anything special or following any guides. I am simply following instructions that the websites post and seeing how it goes. I am also throwing out all my internet and computer knowledge and starting "fresh" with each site.

Well wish me luck I will give you info each and everyday, if not several times a day.

Thanks for readin and check back often for my updates.

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