Home Based Businesses: Slumber Parties

Company name? Slumber Parties!!!

Start up costs? Monthly costs? Start-up is as low as $250. For that you receive $500 in product and everything you need to start your business, including, catalogs, order forms, 1000 business cards, your professionally maintained website and so much more! Training is absolutely free not only at national events and monthly meetings, but is accessible from your home on our amazing website!

How long has the company been in business? Slumber Parties was started in 1993 with the purpose of educating and empowering women and is the #1 top ranked company in the industry. We have been featured on the Today Show, Montel Williams and are ranked #38 in Inc. 5000 for home-based businesses.


Where is company headquarters located? Our corporate office is in Baton Rouge, LA.
What is the average income potential? Earning potential is unlimited! Most consultants earn anywhere from $50-$200/hour. All new consultants start earning 40% (60% in their first 30 days) and can make up to 53% of everything they sell. We also have a very generous downline/override pay program.
With the BBB? Yes
What is your personal story? I have been with Slumber Parties for nearly 2 years. I hosted parties for about 3 1/2 years before I started doing Slumber Parties myself. I originally started doing parties to pay off our wedding debt. My husband is in the Air Force and I was a paralegal working 50+ hours a week. I had our $10,000 wedding debt paid off in less than 9 months AND my family and I have been able to take several trips together that have been paid for in cash (or paid for by the company).
I was laid off from my job in April of this year (due to the economy and clients not paying bills) and I am now a full time consultant with Slumber Parties. Making nearly as much in less than half the time has made my life so much better! I am able to be home with my son and do not have to pay someone else to raise him. He participates in more extra-curricular activites because, not only do we have the money, but I have the time. I will also be secure wherever the Air Force sends my husband and I in the next year. I receive such joy from helping women improve their relationships with their partners that the money has become a bonus! There is nothing better than a phone call from a client thanking me...there are no words to describe the feeling. In a nutshell, I am happier than I could have ever imagined being in my life thanks to this amazing company!


Emerald Team Leader

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