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Teaporia features only the best loose teas and goodie mixes. They will even custom order flavors for customers. When they opened in 2007 they carried only 52 teas, now they carry over 100 different custom blends as well as accessories and goodie mixes!

As a rep you have a number of different ways to build a business with TeaPoria. There is the opportunity to build 100% online or you can do in home parties, vendor shows of even fundraisers. You'll earn a 25% commission from all sales and when you reach $500 in sales in any one month you will also receive an extra $25.
You also have the opportunity to earn while helping others work from home by earning a 10% commission from all sales by anyone in your downline. And if any of them bring in $500 or more in one month you will also earn that extra $25 bonus.
There is no fee to join TeaPoria however you will need samples and display items for parties or tables. Your first order of over $100 is at a 40% discount to allow you to build this stock of products. There is no monthly fee or quota however there is a requirement of at least one sale (of any amount) every three months to stay active.
An average party of between 8 and 14 people will net an average of $120 - $210. So, earnings is up to you. If you schedule one party a week your earnings will be an easy $100- $200 a month with 2 or 3 parties or through a vendor show that will easily climb. You are also going to have the opportunity to earn long term from reorders. Once an account is made through your site you will earn off a 25% commission from each order put in through that account, even if they visit another rep's site or use a different computer.
Each of my team members have access to my TeaPoria Training site with everything from ads, flyers and postcard samples that will help you get the word out to order forms and party tips to help you earn the most you can! TeaPoria also offers a TeaPoria Training and Support Group through Yahoo that will give you unlimited access to the entire team!
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