Lesson 3: Survey Sites

First I am going to teach you all about survey sites. You can't do a single google search on making money online without coming up with dozens if not hundreds of survey site results.
I am currently signed up with plenty of those sites.

I am going to review each one. Now keep in mind that I have no referrals on any of these sites and I have only been with each one for about a month.

(NOTE: None of the links for these sites are my personal link. They are the main link to the site.)

  1. http://www.globaltestmarket.com/-- On this site they offer you surveys and they pay you with MarketPoints. Each MarketPoint is worth .05 cents USD. After you have built up 1000 MarketPoints you can cash out and they will send you a check. I have not yet qualified for a survey (out of the 3 they have sent this month) so I do not know how much each survey is worth in MarketPoints. The site states that each surveys worth is dependant on how long and how urgent the survey is. As I said in the last month they have sent me three surveys and I have not qualified for any of them. The site also states that it make take up to 4-6 weeks after "cashing out" to receive the check in the mail. A lot of people on survey sites earn most of their money with affiliate links. Global Test Market has an affiliate program that you can apply for but they are not currently accepting any people to use affiliate links. Overall I this site is not going to generate you much money but it has the potential for someone who is going to be a long term participant in their program. So if you would like to take a year to build up $20 go ahead and join. LOL.
  2. http://www.acop.com/ -- Otherwise known as American Consumer Opinion Panel, they do not offer open invitations to do surveys on their site. You will get an email from "Anne Parks" that will contain a web address to a survey. I have had about six invites sent to me via email in the last month. So that is around two a week. Once again on this site I am yet to have a survey that I can actually do. So far this is what has happened to me, I open the email, it contains a link to a survey. I click the link and it takes me to a web page that is either not found, has expired, or I do the qualifying questionnaire and find that I do not qualify. So once again I do not know how much they pay for each one, I just know it is hard to actually get to take one on their site. Whenever you fill out the qualifying questionnaire your name is entered in a drawing whether you qualify or not. It states that each survey is worth between $2 and $50. When you want to cash out you request payment and they send you a check. Their minimum payout is $10. It does not state when you will receive the check in the mail. ACOP does currently have an affiliate program. Each affiliate must have a current and valid website and you must display a banner add on that site. They pay .50 cents USD for each qualified person who joins from your affiliate link. My thoughts on this site are not too great as I have yet to even get to take a survey with them.
  3. http://www.lightspeedpanel.com/ --This one isn't so bad if you like getting entered in sweepstakes more often than earning actual points or cash. Most surveys taken you will earn an entry into their $5,000 sweepstakes. Other surveys you will earn between 50-150 points. When you have accumulated 600 points you can redeem them for a deposit into your paypal account, online retail gift certificates, or various merchandise in their rewards section. You need to accumulate around 1000 points to redeem for a $5 gift certificate. Most merchandise in their rewards section is valued at around 10,000-over 200,000 points. I have been offered the chance at 6 surveys in the last month and I have qualified for 3 of them. Also when you sign up you will have a list of questionnaires to fill out that will help to only have sent to you, the surveys that you will qualify for. You are given an entry into the sweepstakes drawing for these as well. I like this site, but it is not going to get you "fast cash".
  4. http://www.surveyspot.com/ -- I do like this one a lot because it is rather fun. You get a lot of entries in their $25,000 sweepstakes but when a survey offers sweepstakes entries you get to play a slot machine or a scratch off game to find out how many entries you are going to get. If you are to get paid in money for a survey it is around $2. I have been offered lots of surveys on this site and have been entered in the sweepstakes drawing hundreds of times and I have gotten one cash survey and had $2 added to my account balance. Their payout is $5. I am almost there and I will update when I am paid by them. They pay by check which may take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery. They also run A LOT of smaller sweepstakes each month for gift certificates of anywhere from $50-$500. Once again I like this site. Lots of fun and lots of prizes. But not a way for lots of quick cash.
  5. http://www.greenfieldonline.com/ -- Ok this site looks great on the outside. What I have run into is A LOT of not qualifying for surveys. Most everything else on their site is offers and joining other sites. Mainly other survey sites, and if you are like me you are already a member of the other survey sites so you can't join to get paid. Ok as far as the surveys you do qualify for...I have yet to qualify for a paid survey so I can only go by what the site says. It does not state what your incentives are for each individual survey, just that it varies. It also does not state the minimum payout, it does state that when you are ready to cash out you hit "request payment" and funds will be sent via check within 6-8 weeks. With each survey you take you are also entered into their sweepstakes drawing. I am not a big fan of this site.
  6. http://www.surveysavvy.com/ -- I signed up with this site around a month ago just like the others and I have no received the option at all to do a survey. I filled out my "portrait surveys" which asks questions about you and your household to direct surveys that you will qualify for to you. I never received any surveys in my email or spam mail and I do not have any on the actual site to do either. It appears to me that this site is more about affiliates. The more affiliates you have the more you earn. But the way I see it you are pretty much just advertising for them for free if they aren't going to send you any surveys. Although if someone is within the correct demographics to receive surveys from them they would be great. The payout minimum is anything greater than $1. They only pay by check taking 4-6 weeks. I do not have any information on what they pay per survey. I will update this if I happen to get a survey from them.
  7. http://www.zoompanel.com/ -- I have received 4 surveys from this site in the last month and actually qualified for them. Zoom panelists are credited zoompoints for completing surveys which they can then in turn use to get things like movies, music, and electronics. I have received 5 zoompoints for each survey that I have done. It would probably take a while to get enough points to get anything worthwhile, but it is rather fun, and they re quick easy surveys, so why not get some free stuff? I like this one even though it is not going to result in our goal of quick online cash.
  8. http://www.epollsurveys.com/ --This has yet to give me any surveys to do. So I will tell you what I have found about them. They work on a point system. Most surveys are around 50 points. In order to cash out $20 to your paypal account you need 12,500 points. So you would have to do approximately 250 surveys at 10-15 minutes a piece to earn $20. You do the math. In the long run it may be worth it if you have hours a day to devote to it. But I'm not sure they even have that many surveys. It may take you months to earn $20. That certainly does not fit into the "quick" part our goal.
  9. http://www.mindfieldonline.com/ -- Surveys with this one usually only take around 5 minutes so they are quick and easy. Sometimes though you will catch one that will take around 15 or more. I haven't had that very often. You are invited by email that describes what the survey is about and it will tell approximately how long it will take. Once you receive the email invite it is only valid for around 24 hours. Minimum payout is $5. But it will take 1-2 weeks just for them to process the payout. Then after it is processed it will take approx. 4-6 weeks for delivery by check, or 2-3 days if using paypal. Your account will not be credited immediately after finishing the survey though. You will be credited 10-14 days after the study closes. I have yet to make any money with this company.
  10. http://www.hcdsurveys.com/ -- I have received 2 surveys from this company one worth 50 points and one worth 100 points. With HCD surveys 100 points equals $1. Every time you get an invite for a survey they will tell you how much it is worth. You can then decide if it is worth it to you. If you are sent a survey and then you do not qualify for it they still credit your account 10 points. You can redeem your points after you have reached 1000 points. You can then choose to redeem your points for cash or merchandise. I like this site because it pays pretty good, even for not qualifying, I just wish they offered more surveys. At least one a day would be great. You can also refer family and friends for 50 each. You only get credit if the become a verified panel member.
  11. http://www.surveyhead.com/ -- I have received 10 surveys from survey head and I have qualified for them all. They are also easy surveys. My top earning one was $3 and all the rest were $1 each. I have earned $12 with them. But all of it is still pending 2 weeks later. Seemed too good to be true, and it most likely is. Although if they come out of pending status as approved you have multiple methods to choose from for payout (which is $25). You can choose paypal, a gift card or choose to donate to charity. Which is totally awesome. I hope that the surveys I did become approved. If they do I will be giving this site an A+.
  12. http://www.cashlagoon.com/ -- I just signed up for cash lagoon about 2 weeks ago. I have not done much with it but so far I really like it. They have alot of surveys and 100% free offers. They sent me an email about Monday Madness with lots of high paying offers and surveys. Just the offers in the Monday Madness email that they sent me totaled $52 and were all pretty easy and short. They have support forums where alot of questions can get answered. They have a point system like most of these sites do 1 point=$1. They also have an option for automatic deposit into your paypal account. Another good site to get refferals under you. Overall I am very impressed with this site.
This is just a few of the lesser known sites.
I am also a member of cashcrate.
http://www.cashcrate.com/ -- I have done surveys and offers and have a total of $13.29 in approved stuff. I also have $19.50 in pending offers. Lets hope they go through because some of them were trial offers that I had to risk putting in my credit card information and what not. I do not understand all the hype about this site as most of the best paying offers are things that you have to pay to do. I do not like to use my credit card to make a few dollars. A big money maker for this site is to have tons and tons of referrals sign up from your link.
Ok I don't know about you but I am looking for more than just taking surveys. You may enjoy this kind of thing. But I am looking to find something more then that. Something I can be proud of. If this is your thing then go for it.
Remember, its your life you can make of it what you will.
If you do not have a paypal account it is advisable that you sign up for one for free at http://www.paypal.com/
If you have any sites that you would like added to this blog with your referral link in it please email me and let me know about the site just like I have done above.

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