Home Based Businesses: Tastefully Simple

Company name? Tastefully Simple

Start up costs?Monthly costs? $170, we do have quota of $400 a quarter for consultants, $500 a month for leaders
How long has the company been in business? Since 1995 and Debt free
Where is company headquarters located? Alexandria MN
What is the average income potential? $100 a night/per party. What you want to earn is up to you, the income is unlimited!! We earn 30% commission
With the BBB? yes
what is your personal story? My personal story is that I started as an Independent Tastefully Simple consultant to get the discount and to possibly earn a few bucks. I had my starter kit paid for in my first 2 shows and already I was making money! I lost my job March 2009 and now I'm working on my plan B...to make Tastefully Simple my full time income. The support from the company and my team is unbelievable!! I use to sell with another direct sales company and I didn't have that support by the company or the other consultants and that is why I made the switch to Tastefully Simple. We have no boundries of who we sell to and we only sell to people who eat!!
your link: www.tastefullysimple.com/web/tscheler

Thanks, Tammy Scheler

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