Home Based Businesses: DiamondCreek Candles

Company name? DiamondCreek Candles

Start up costs?Monthly costs? Free 30 Day Trial then after your 30 days you can choose $5/month. $9.98/month or $29.99 month...or you can continue as a FREE Affiliate
How long has the company been in business? 11, almost 12 years
Where is company headquarters located? Las Vegas, Nevada
What is the average income potential? Depends on how you market....could be $50/month, could be $1000 month
With the BBB? No because of the flexibility this company provides ie: there are no restrictions on how your promote, as long as the info is correct and legit.
what is your personal story? I have been with DCC for a year now. I am completely satisfied with the payout and the company/products. I tried other biz's....survey sites and a health and wellness company for over a year. I spent well over $600 with that health and wellness biz and made a measly $83 in 13 months. With the survey sites....lol yeah, I made $80 at the most in 13 months and after a while the surveys stopped being approved and I was only wasting my time. Sooo not worth it.
By my 4th month in DCC I already made more than I did with my previous biz's. This is the ONLY biz that has worked for me. It allows me to be home with my son, I don't have to do parties if I don't want to, I don't have to do craft shows if I don't want to, I don't have to make deliveries, I don't have to worry about certain quotas and I was promoted to Team Leader this past June. I am so thankful and blessed to have found DiamondCreek Candles.

Feel free to send me an email @ amysoyscents@gmail.com Or send me an IM on Yahoo....Hisservent20002000, Google and AIM: amysoyscents

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