Home Based Businesses: World Ventures

Company name? World ventures

Start up costs?Monthly costs? LTC package $199, Dream Trips $199, Rep $99 there is a monthly fee depending (25-40)on what you choose but when you get four sales you pay no more!!! :)
How long has the company been in business? 3 years and DEBT FREE!!!
Where is company headquarters located? Plano Texas
What is the average income potential? Earn 50% on base travel commissions, If someone signs up you get $20 commission also you when you cycle you get a $100 bonus. There are many other bonus's to get too ex have 6 sales in 4 week period get $250 bonus. On average people make around 200-1500 per month
your link: www.afadventures.worldventures.biz or www.afadventures.rovia.com

My story,I had a friend call me and show me the promo video and I was stuck on making a decsion. I have wanted a home buisness for some time but wanted to pick the right one. I new i could trust my friend so i did some research and concluded that people like to travel it is an easy sale you send them to your site so they can be happy to find the best travel deals! I love to travel too so it is a bonus to take dream trips at a whole sale price! The travel industry is growing because the baby boomers are retiring and have the time and money to travel so the industry is expected to grow to 15 trillion dollars in the next ten year! WOWOWWWOWOW!!! So that made me excited. I signed up and got started and in my first week had two new team members! The training and team attmosphere is great and is set up to help each succeed.



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