Lesson 2: The Categories of Working Online

So it may seem that I have jumped a few steps ahead, but I have been down the "make money online" road multiple times. There are a few categories to making money online.

  1. Survey Sites
  2. PTC(PaidToClick) Sites
  3. Home Based Businesses (home or online party plan, direct selling)
  4. Ebay Selling(online auctions)
  5. Writing Articles or Blogging(with advertisements for revenue)
  6. Doing Tasks For Money
  7. Work At Home Jobs(customer service, call center type jobs)
Most everything you come across will fall into these categories.
I have tried a few of these methods but not all. I have done the survey sites, gpt sites, home based businesses, writing articles, doing tasks for money. I am yet to fall for any of the auto pilot systems. I have also never done Ebay selling. Though I am a seasoned buyer on Ebay and enjoy the site quite a bit, I have yet to venture down that road.
In my next few blog posts I will venture into each catergory and give you information on each site and my experience with them. For the things I have not yet tried I will give you the basic information so you can decide if it is something you would like to do.
NOTE: I will never post any refferal links on this blog. I may post links to any profiles I have on sites like myspace, or cafemom so that my readers can get in touch with me.
The information I give about different websites or money making programs will solely be for information purposes and not for my gain.

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