Here is our first "Lesson"

Ok ladies and gentlemen, I have now begun my search for fast money online.

I started by going to google and searching for the following just to gather some quick stats.

fast money online--114,000,000 search results, the top 5 being titled:
  1. Top Seven Ways For College Students To Make Money Online
  2. Online Paid Surveys For Money
  3. Easy Money Online-Make Money Fast- TheRichKids
  4. Don't Expect To Earn Fast Money Online
  5. Fast Money Making Online: What is the fastest way?
work from home--330,000,000 search results, the top 5 being titled:
  1. Work At Home Jobs: Free Legitimate Opportunities To Work
  2. Work At Home Moms: Jobs, business opportunities, home business
  3. Work From Home: Work at home jobs, recipes, and articles for moms
  4. Tory Johnson's work from home tips
  5. Work at home jobs, tips, and home based business opportunities for people who work at home.
Ok so I think you guys get the idea here. There are millions of ways advertised and I am pretty sure that most the results will lead you to the same place or a pretty similar rendition of a few ideas reinvented.
There are so many ways advertised that it just may be impossible to get to them all.
There are plenty of sites claiming to get rich quick but I think we are to the point in todays day and age that we all know to run when we see the words "get rich quick".
From my search result trial I learned that when searching for a way to make some money online I needed to narrow it down to what I am willing to do to make money online.
Lets say for instance I want to write for money online.
I type in the search term "Fast Online Money For Writing Articles"
This time google comes up with 28,600,000. That is a difference of 301,400,000. Hundreds of millions less results from just being a bit more specific.
So when you are searching try narrowing it down a bit each time. Get more specific and you will have less and less to filter through.
So the moral of the day is " Be VERY specific in your search".
If you do this you will not only save yourself some time, you will prevent from getting the headache from running into the same site over and over again.

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