is a great place.  I love it for finding odd jobs.  It is sort of like only they pay better and the people looking for help on projects offer opportunities for long term work if you perform well.  I have found a few things to do from here.  
I am giving it a good rating as far as finding freelance work.  They have all the work offered divided up into categories lik blogging, forum posting, advertising9like craigslist and backpage) Easy to navigate and most people offering jobs are quick to respond.  You are paid by paypal or the GAF(getafreelancer) also has a pay system.  
Check it out and see if there are any jobs you want to do.

Find more freelance jobs

Custom Web Design and Programming. Freelance Programmers. Outsource Web Development Outsourcing

Custom Web Design and Programming. Freelance Programmers. Outsource Web Development Outsourcing

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Wow First Blog.....

Wow, all this hype about blogging and this is my first ever blog.

I am starting this because it is going to serve as a journal for my search for legitimate ways to make some money online.

I am not looking to get rich quick or even make hundreds or thousands a month. I am simply just seeing what sites and what theories actually work. We could even say I am seeking to "debunk" all the claims from certain sites, to make big money fast online for free.

I will provide the basic information that they clearly state on thier website, and my opinion and experience with the particular website.

This is not to advertise or put down any particular sites. Also I am not doing anything special or following any guides. I am simply following instructions that the websites post and seeing how it goes. I am also throwing out all my internet and computer knowledge and starting "fresh" with each site.

Well wish me luck I will give you info each and everyday, if not several times a day.

Thanks for readin and check back often for my updates.

Here is our first "Lesson"

Ok ladies and gentlemen, I have now begun my search for fast money online.

I started by going to google and searching for the following just to gather some quick stats.

Lesson 2: The Categories of Working Online

So it may seem that I have jumped a few steps ahead, but I have been down the "make money online" road multiple times. There are a few categories to making money online.

Lesson 3: Survey Sites

First I am going to teach you all about survey sites. You can't do a single google search on making money online without coming up with dozens if not hundreds of survey site results.
I am currently signed up with plenty of those sites.

I am going to review each one. Now keep in mind that I have no referrals on any of these sites and I have only been with each one for about a month.

(NOTE: None of the links for these sites are my personal link. They are the main link to the site.)

Lesson 4: PTC(PaidToClick)

Next I want to talk about PTC sites. They do not pay much, but if you are going to be messing around on the Internet just clicking stuff and browsing around why not get paid to do so. I have found some of the best PTC sites and I will list them here and explain how each one works. I will also tell you about my experience with them so far.
Once again I have only been with any of these sites for around a month.

NOTE: None of these links are my personal referral link. They are just the link to the main web page.

Lesson 5: Home Based Businesses

I have tried a few home based businesses, but not everything works for everyone. I am going to leave my opinion out of these ones and I have selected some reps from quite a few companies and I will post what information they sent to me about their business opportunity.
These women are all trustworthy and have given their contact information to get more info and to have a personal chat with them.

All of them are from which I love. We are all moms working towards common goals. Raise a happy healthy family and make some money in the process.

Happy reading, and feel free to contact any of them about any of these wonderful opportunities.

Free Opportunities

Here is a list of companies that it is free to join with and you can actually make money!!  I know there are more than this out there, but they are hard to find!

Home Based Busineses: Passion Parties

Company name? Passion Parties

Home Based Businesses: Ardyss International

Company name? Ardyss International

Home Based Businesses: Celebrating Home

Company name? Celebrating Home
(formerly Home Interiors and Home and Garden Party)

Home Based Businesses: Barefoot Books

Company name?
Barefoot Books

Home Based Businesses: Ambit Energy

 I am an Independent Consultant with Ambit Energy.

Home Based Businesses: Beauticontrol

Company name? Beauticontrol

Home Based Businesses: DiamondCreek Candles

Company name? DiamondCreek Candles

Home Based Businesses: Prepaid Legal Services

The company name is Prepaid Legal Services

Home Based Businesses: USANA Health Sciences

Company name?
USANA Health Sciences

Home Based Businesses: Tastefully Simple

Company name? Tastefully Simple

Home Based Businesses: Slumber Parties

Company name? Slumber Parties!!!

Home Based Businesses: Shaklee

Here's my info:

Company name? Shaklee

Home Based Businesses: Scent-sations, Inc. (Home of Mia Bella's Candles)

Hi there!
What a great idea! Here's my information.

Home Based Businesses: Avon

I am an Independent avon rep and have been now for about 1 month. Heres my info.
Company name? AVON

Home Based Businesses: Melaleuca

Hey there! I am with a company called Melaleuca - it's an international health and wellness company.
Here are the basics:

Home Based Businesses: World Ventures

Company name? World ventures

Home Based Businesses: Arbonne International

Company name? Arbonne International

Home Based Businesses: AmeriPlan

Cost to start up: We have 2 different ways to start

Home Based Businesses: Greensmoke

Basics are: Greensmoke is a "healthy" alternative for smokers.

Home Based Businesses: TeaPoria

Teaporia features only the best loose teas and goodie mixes. They will even custom order flavors for customers. When they opened in 2007 they carried only 52 teas, now they carry over 100 different custom blends as well as accessories and goodie mixes!

Home Based Businesses: Brown Bag Party

Hi Ladies my name is DeAnna and I am a romance consultant with Brown Bag Party and here is a little more info about us.