Home Based Businesses: Brown Bag Party

Hi Ladies my name is DeAnna and I am a romance consultant with Brown Bag Party and here is a little more info about us.

Company Name: Brown Bag Party

Costs: Start up kits are on sale now for $99 (a $655 value) till 11/10/09 and our monthly business mgt fee is $29.99

BBP has been in business for around 5 years.And our home office is in California.

With BBP the earnings are unlimited.We start and stay at 50% earnings,NO quotas.You earn 5% on your downline 6 levels deep.

My story is I am a SAHM w/2 small kids.I chose BBP because I love the fact I can bring romance back to couples and make a great living at it! I also love the fact there are no quotas so if I have to take time away I can. Also all our products are drop shipped to the customer so I have no sorting,packing and delivering a great time saver for me. I do the parties,take and place the orders and get paid! Also our company reps are a sisterhood.We share ideas and there is no "cattyness".Our company also has 100% company paid hostess rewards so my out of pocket cost is even lower!

Please contact me anytime for more info!


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