Home Based Businesses: Scent-sations, Inc. (Home of Mia Bella's Candles)

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Company name? Scent-sations, Inc. (Home of Mia Bella's Candles)
Start up costs? As little as $50 for an initial package of products, catalogs and a company set-up and maintained website
Monthly costs? $40 which includes a package of products worth over $60 and a company website with a shopping cart for online sales
How long has the company been in business? Since 2002
Where is company headquarters located? Wilkes-Barre, PA
What is the average income potential? The income potential is unlimited. The average beginning income is several hundred dollars per month. Distributors with several years experience who have built a customer base and team earn an average of $3000+ per month.
With the BBB? Yes, member of the BBB reliability program
what is your personal story?
I have always enjoyed the flickering light, warm glow and pleasant scent of candles during the cold, dreary rainy winter months that we have here in the Pacific Northwest. For years I burned the leading brand of paraffin wax candles and really didn't think too much about the black soot that was left behind on the jars.

Then there was a convergence of events that caused me to reconsider burning candles. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer. I became more conscious of what was in the air we breathe. A few months later I noticed there was black soot on the ceiling above the place where I usually burned candles.
I decided I wouldn't burn candles anymore unless I could find some that didn't release so much black soot into the air. I did some research on the internet and discovered to my surprise that paraffin wax, which is what most candles are made from, is a petroleum based by product. No wonder there was black soot! The wicks can also be a source of toxins when wicks are made with a metal core.
I also read that there were candles out there being made from natural vegetable waxes which are much cleaner burning and made from renewable resources. I tried several brands and then heard about Mia Bella's candles. Made with 100% vegetable wax and 100% cotton wicks. I tried one and was hooked! They smelled so clean and fresh - no oily smell and no soot! I also love the wickless candles, soy-based bath and body products and the new natural mineral cosmetics. I really like the fact that all products are made from renewable plant waxes and oils - no petroleum byproducts or animal testing of products.
I'm always looking for a bargain, so when I discovered that I could buy these great candles at half price as a distributor, I signed up right away. I planned on enjoying the candle of the month shipment each month as my little gift to myself. I had ZERO business experience and really wasn't planning on starting a business.
About a month later, the non-profit cancer research organization that I work for was looking for a fundraiser. I mentioned that I could buy candles at wholesale and we could use them for our fundraiser. The fundraiser was a success and I realized the income potential from having my own home-based business.
I began to take the business opportunity seriously. I listened to the company training calls, read and educated myself, set goals and worked on building my business. After 4+ years my business and income has steadily grown! Even with the recent downturn in the economy, stock market and real estate market, my business and income continues to increase! Without my Scent-sations business, I would never have been able to retire!
your link: http://www.bellamiacandle.com/
Vicki S. Green

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