Home Based Businesses: Ardyss International

Company name? Ardyss International

Start up costs?Monthly costs? The start up cost can be as little as $30 to buy a member ship and be able to purchase the products wholesale to be able to sell them at retail cost. Or the Poer pack can be prurchased for $300, which allows you to buy samples to show your customers. These are one time costs, but there are extra bonuses to be paid if you sell a certain amount of merchandise in a month.
How long has the company been in business? 20 years.
Where is company headquarters located? Las Vegas, NV
What is the average income potential? Unlimited. There are many success stories!
With the BBB? No
what is your personal story? I tried on a Body Magic body shaper and couldn't believe my eyes! My stomach no longer hung over my pants. My love handles were suddenly smooth. My rear was lifted. I had an hourglass shape. (Something that I had been lacking for quite some time.) After buying another one and wearing body magic every day, people noticed how differently I looked in my clothes and inquired about the change. Then, a friend and I decided to sign up to join the businees because it allowed us to buy the products (body shapers, wellness products and cosmetics) at wholesale price. Then, it hit us! Why not sell the products and make a profit? And make women feel better about themselves at the same time! The body magic is a must have!
your link: http://www.ardysslife.com/?ID=looksmallerquickly

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