Home Based Businesses: Ambit Energy

 I am an Independent Consultant with Ambit Energy.
This company deals with energy, that is, electricity. Right now, we are live in the states of Texas, New York, as well as Illinois. Many states are deregulated, and we are working in entering the market in those states.

The company was founded in 2006 by Jere Thompson Jr, who is the CEO, and Chris Chambless, who is the CMO. The company is headquartered in Dallas, TX. Please note that Mr. Thompson Jr. is the grandson of the founder of 7-11.

I recently attended our annual conference at the beginning of this month and although the company is only 3 yrs. young, this is how well we are doing: $1million in revenue in Year 1; $30 million in year 2; $196 million in year 3 (current year). And trust me, we are still continuing to grow.

So what is it really I am doing with the company? All I ask is these three simple questions (1) how many people do you know uses electricity?; (2) of those people, how many would rather pay less on their electric bill? (3) how would you like to keep getting paid for saving some people money on their electric bill for the rest of your life?

Just a little snapshot of the process, there is no cost for the customer to switch; nothing changes (that is, their electricity will not turn off during the process), there is no inventories, no deliveries, and no collections. Furthermore, the customer receives a free gift just for enrolling, and for every kilowatt that they use, it converts to points where they can use to claim for free travel or gas rebates. The most exciting part is that Ambit has a customer referral program; if a customer refers 15 or more people to switch to Ambit, the company will average the monthly bill of those 15 customers and give that amount as credit to the customer's bill. So, if your electric bill is $150/month, you referred 15 customers and the average of their bill is $175, you're getting free electricity and earn a credit of $25/month. Sounds too good to be true? No ma'am, not in this case. I've seen other people's bill and that includes my parents ;)

When an individual decides to be a consultant, there is only a ONE time fee of $429; however, you can get that investment back in less than two weeks and maybe even get more. It requires further explanation and it would be best in an individual basis.

You asked how much on average a consultant make and my answer to that is purely up to you. Honestly, that's one of the reasons I have a lot of faith in this company because you get out of it what you put in. We've got consultants that were able to quit their jobs in six months after they joined the company; the company already produced three millionaires. On my end, we are not millionaires, but we are getting the return on the effort that we've put in. We've been with the company for a little bit over the year and with my 15 month daughter who is our first born, there's a bit of juggling to do. But, it feels good to get a check in the mail month after month after month and not having to keep working for it. Of course, we're working hard right now 'coz it would be nice to see a bigger amount on that check..hehehehe...

Once again, here's a website: www.raelen.whyambitworks.com It does a great job explaining about the company and the opportunities that it has to offer us, especially stay at home moms like you and I.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions.

Thank you once again for allowing me to share this with you, and I hope that we will continue to be blessed as we aim to do what's best for our family...


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