Home Based Businesses: USANA Health Sciences

Company name?
USANA Health Sciences

Start up costs? $29.95
How long has the company been in business? 17 years
Where is company headquarters located? Salt Lake City Utah
What is the average income potential? $85,000 is the average annual income for established, full-time USANA Associates. $23,300 is the average annual income for Associates who earn as little as one commission check a month. Total includes all earnings from the compensation plan, Leadership Bonus, and contests and incentives. Calculations based on earnings between February 2008 and January 2009. Figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of actual earnings, which result only from consistent, successful sales efforts. To be considered in a rank's earnings, Associates must have earned checks at a median rank for at least 16 weeks. According to results from an in-house survey taken between 2004 and 2006, the primary reason 17% of USANA independent business owners join the company is to improve their financial future. 21% of that group earns a check at least once a month. Of those whose primary reason is to earn enough to replace a full-time income, 41% have been Associates for at least one year and 56% are full-time Gold Directors and above. The number of Gold Directors and above who have maxed at least 1 Business Center during the year equals less than 1% of all Associates. Those earning as little as one check a month equal approximately 3% of all Associates. The average annual income for all 158,934 USANA Associates, including those who are brand new or who are not actively building a business, is $618.55, with nearly one in three earning a check. To date, USANA has more than 130 Million Dollar Club members.
With the BBB? Yes – A rating
What is your personal story?
When my husband & I returned from a vacation in 2001, my girlfriend started telling me about this company named USANA. I had only been gone for 3 weeks – was she abducted by aliens? Why was she looking at network marketing? She was a cost accountant at the local University, they owned several businesses, I couldn't understand why she was talking about this. You see, I had never met anyone that had been successful in network marketing or direct marketing.
I decided to take a look, just to make her happy, fully expecting not to be interested. At the time I was working for the Alaska Department of Labor as an Employment specialist and working my Health & Wellness business on the side and 2 teenagers at home – where was I going to even find the time?? Have you wondered the same thing?
Long story short, I looked at the company, did my research and found USANA was publicly traded USNA, and had won awards in the business and scientific communities. They had a solid company, fair and lucrative compensation, and high quality health & wellness products that had independent and third party validation. I love the fact that we don't have inventory, no group sales requirements, don't have to deliver product – we can sign people up directly with the company even if they just want to be a customer which doesn't cost anything to be a customer. Commissions are 20% of all products that moves through your business whether it's from customers, associates you enroll, their associates & customers, etc. We are not paid on levels! And there are 6 ways to earn income with USANA.
I have been with USANA since September 10, 2001 and our family had been blessed both physically and financially. I was able to replace my income from my State job in 2 years and focus more on making a true difference in people's lives. In 2007, we were able to retire my husband from his aviation career and move to Fort Myers FL (what a difference from AK weather!!) This industry really does work – you need 4 beliefs - 1. In yourself 2. In your company 3) In your products 4.) In your industry.
To Your Success!
Lora Ulrich, Lifestyle Coach
The New You – Health & Wealth Lifestyle Coaching
USANA Silver Director & Lifestyle Platinum Pacesetter
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