Lesson 4: PTC(PaidToClick)

Next I want to talk about PTC sites. They do not pay much, but if you are going to be messing around on the Internet just clicking stuff and browsing around why not get paid to do so. I have found some of the best PTC sites and I will list them here and explain how each one works. I will also tell you about my experience with them so far.
Once again I have only been with any of these sites for around a month.

NOTE: None of these links are my personal referral link. They are just the link to the main web page.

  1. http://www.theclickers.net/ -- When you first go to this site it is like an assault on your vision it appears to be very jumbled round and a lot of ads around the page. But these sorts of sites are all about ads being viewed. They pay around 1 cent to view an ad. They will give you about 15 or more ads each day to view. They payout once you reach $5.50 via paypal. They pay you 40% on your referrals' earnings.
  2. http://www.baydefeisptc.info/ -- This site is a bit more organized than the first one I mentioned. They pay anywhere from .0002 cents to .02 cents per ad. They will send you more than 20 a day to click. The minimum payout is $1 via paypal. You will want to get referrals on any time of site like this and they pay you 30% on your referrals' earnings.
  3. http://www.companybux.com/ -- CompanyBux will pay you anywhere from 1 cent to 3 cents to click on ads that they send you but they only send around 4 ads a day. You can cash out at $1 though and these days every dollar counts, right? So hey why not? LOL. You can cash out via paypal and a few other methods. You can even cash out every day if you manage to make a dollar a day. They also pay you 50% on all of your referrals' earnings.
  4. http://www.trinityclicks.com/ -- TrinityClicks is going to send you the most ads I have seen daily so far. I have been getting 50 plus ads a day. They are going to pay anywhere between 1/2 a cent and 2 cents for each one. You can choose to cash out once you have reached $2.50 via paypal. They gurantee you at least 4 cents a day. TrinityClicks run monthly contests as well. This is also a great site to advertise on if you already have a business or site you want to promote. You can advertise with them for as low as $0.50 to a $1.50 a month. That is pretty good considering their site gets around 34,000 hits on any given day.
  5. http://www.neobux.com/ -- Ok I don't like this site much because it bases everything around referrals. They pay around one cent for each ad. You will get about 10 ads per day, maybe more maybe less. You will also get paid 1/2 a cent for all your referrals ad clicks. You can get your own referrals or you can "rent" referrals. I just don't agree with that option. That is just my opinion. The example they use in their info part of thier site is that if you click 10 ads per day and you have 150 referrals who also click 10 ads in a day you would have made $30.20 that day. I have yet to get that far. Its harder to do than it appears.
Once again this is just not something that I am that into. I am trying to find ways to earn some quick cash to get some capital to start a home based business. I would never try and make a living out of sites like survey sites and GPT sites. I know some do this very well. Everyone is different though. If this is your thing, go for it! Don't go part the way, go all the way. Hey you could even start your own GPT or survey site. Its your life.

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